Tony Spinelli to Moderate NetMeasures Conference with Gen. Jim Clapper, Paddy McGinnis & More

April 9, 2021

Securing the 'Globe as Enterprise' Session at 2021 NetMeasures Conference

Tony Spinelli was chosen as the luminary moderator for feature panel at the 2021 NetMeasures Conference hosted by the Global Center for Cybersecurity @ Cortex. The panel featured global security veterans like:

  • General James Clapper, (Ret.) Former US Director of National Intelligence
  • Paddy McGinnis, Former UK Deputy National Security Advisor
  • Phil Reilly, Former CIA Afghanistan Station Chief
  • Steve Hill, Former Deputy Director UK National Security Secretariat

NetMeasures is an annual event in its inaugural session from the newly established Global Center for Cybersecurity @ Cortex. S7 Advisors is a founding board member of this not-for-profit entity whose mission and vision is a world more equal and secure.